Government of the Republic of Moldova

Ministry of Culture


Ministry's College

Published on: Thu, 06/25/2015 - 16:29
The nominal composition
(approved by Government Decision no. 446 of 16.06.2014)
BABUC MONICA – Minister of Culture, Head of the College
POSTICA GHEORGHE – Deputy Minister of Culture
SAROV IGOR – Deputy Minister of Culture
CIMPOI MIHAI – academician, Academy of Sciences of Moldova
BOTGROS NICOLAE – artistic director, conductor of the National Orchestra of Folk Music "Lautarii"
JALOBA GHENADIEHead of the Union of Artists of Moldova
RUSNAC CONSTANTIN – Secretary General of the National Commission for UNESCO of the Republic of Moldova
SUCEVEANU ARCADIEHead of Writers' Union of Moldova
VALERIU RUSU – Head of Culture Section Singerei
GARAZ NICOLAEHead of Republican Council of Union of Culture
PETRU HADIRCA – Director of the National Theatre "Mihai Eminescu"
IVANCIUC VASAILII – Head of Main Department Culture and Tourism, Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia
BACALU ELENA – Vice President of Cahul district